Mommies! Dress up and Dazzle

Are you a 30 something mom? Do you yearn to dress up, put on your heels and some makeup, let your hair loose, and bring out your A game for an outing? But the reality is that you are busy juggling your work, home, kids, their school activities and barely manage to go out of the house except for buying groceries and picking up kids. Wearing loose fitted tops (at times dear hubby’s) with jeans or a pyjama, oily hair in a messy bun, slippers (forget about makeup!) is what defines #momlife, well at times ☺. While this is me, you and a lot of other women around us; I have made a pact with myself – a promise to dress up, look good. So whenever I go out with my husband or my girlfriends, I put on my favorite Designer Dress and go dazzle. To shop similar dresses, click here.

I’m sure you want to do the same, mommies – so, take my advice, go shopping and grab a few amazing dresses. Oh wait! Shopping with a baby? Check out these amazing options:

Formal Dinner Date with Hubby

This is where sexy meets classy, this dress won’t let your post-baby belly show. It lets you be comfortable while you have an amazing time out.

Don’t forget to put on some makeup. I have a very easy makeup tutorial that you can follow, in simple steps:

Easy Party Makeup

Go Party

A perfect black dress for a party in the club. A maxi dress is a must-have, the long slit on the side combined with off shoulder neck makes it suitable for a crazy party night.

Shopping with Girlfriends

Do some online shopping before you go for a day out with your friends, and buy the just right maxi dress for summers. The mustard yellow maxi dress, paired with kohlapuris will make you look chic and enviable.

A must have Pink Dress

This pink dress with three-quarter sleeves should be there in every wardrobe. It is perfect for a party, dinner, formal meeting, day out at the mall or a play date.

Baby’s Day Out

Don’t feel dull when you’re alone at home and drowned in work. Take your baby, strap him into the car seat, or book a cab and take him or her to a play area and meet your friends. Make the trip short (about 1-2 hours), but you’ll see how comfortable you start feeling going out with the baby. This comfortable cotton dress is just perfect for summers. Check out this kalamkari print A-line outfit, in breathable fabric, would make your baby comfortable while you carry or wear him or her.

Mommies, don’t let the responsibilities of being a mom burden you. Do not give up on that feeling of looking good, dressing up for an occasion. While you may have to deal with a million things, you can forget your dressing worries. We have thousands of designer dresses to choose from – something for every occasion.

Some tips to make it easy for you, to prep up for a party. Follow these skin care tips for an instant glow just before you get ready for the party:

How to make instant glow face pack before going to the party!