Love thy Bling!

Jewellery has been part of the Indian culture for centuries altogether. From the early days of civilization, it features in conversations related to art, designs, trade as well as gifting. While initial designs were mostly necklaces, headbands and bracelets, over the years Jewellery in India has undergone socio-cultural influences to be an integral part of the Indian lifestyle. Metal, especially gold and silver have always been considered pious and essential. It also finds mention in important literature. It has for ages been known to signify style and wealth. Kings and emperors have created gold jewellery artifacts that are national and international marvels. Certain royal families have known to be so particular about gold jewellery that they restricted its wearing to only royalty.

While the rules from that period don’t exist anymore, the craze for gold Jewellery is still there. It might relate to each individual differently, but I think I say for almost every woman that we do like a bit of bling. For example, even at home, I like tiny earrings and bracelets, but my mother has a thing for bangles and my mother in law (MIL) has an affinity for necklaces. It is part of our conversations, our festivals and ceremonies, our relationships and often a part of our savings and investments. Fun fact –  I have heard someone say that Indian women together own more gold than some countries put together. No wonder, the sheer number of jewellery markets, malls we have and not to forget the special occasions dedicated to the purchase of gold jewellery or as I like to call it ‘license to shop’.

Let me share a funny story – I had just got married to my boyfriend of 6 years and his mother, my MIL was in town. Now she is normally a quiet shopper and doesn’t have too many opinions to give when we are out shopping. So this one time, we went shopping for gold jewellery. My bf/now husband had forewarned me about MIL’s affinity with gold shopping and boy was there a change. Once we were at the store, she knew exactly what she wanted, she enquired like a seasoned shopper and it has been just like that every time I have been out gold shopping with her.

However, purchasing gold jewellery can be tiresome with so many markets, so many designs and so many factors that go along with the buying process and don’t even get me started on the alignment of timetables for gold shopping. But I have found a reasonable alternative, I tried Homeshop18 (here) recently to pick up a pair of earrings for my cousin’s birthday and I can say it simplif the whole purchase process. The sheer variety of designs, ease of shortlisting and doing this all from your phone or computer just made it so convenient. I proceeded to select a few designs and shared links with a couple of friends (gold buying is a group exercise ) for their feedback. Once the design was finalized, it was payment time and with several options available it was quite a seamless exercise. What’s more they even have an EMI option to ease out full payments upfront.

Do visit Homeshop18 and have a look at the extensive collection of jewellery they have on offer.

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