How Motherhood Changed Me – 3 years of Sarah

Dear Sarah,


We complete 3 years together today. 3 years of loving and being loved by a teeny tiny baby, with hundreds of sloppy kisses, tight hugs and tantrums galore, 3 years of motherhood! 3 years ago I never thought I could love and care for a little minion as much. After having you, I have become 100 times more careful about the surroundings, the food we eat, the environment. My life revolves around you. From the time I wake up in the morning, till the time I sleep (or pass out at 2 am due to exertion), you are the center of my world.

I was always a very self-centered personliving in my own cocoon and extremely anti-social (including my own family ;)). Now thanks to you, I know more people than I have ever known in my whole life. People know me as Sarah’s mom, courtesy my extra-social daughter 🙂

The love has only increased, despite sleepless nights, terrible tantrums and all the mental torture (no kidding!) you make me go through while crying and shouting. Not a very patient person that I was, I happily sail through a day of tantrums, shrieking and screaming (well, not so happily, but we manage)

I used to hate cooking! But I love experimenting with healthy food for you, and it makes me happy if you approve it too J I love seeing that content look on your face when I cook something for you, and demand more of it!

I used to live in a mess! And love it too! The situation hasn’t changed much here though – ask your Papa 😀 But at least for your stuff, I try and keep it a little organized and in place, and make the surroundings better for you!


Every breath you take, every move you make” – I’ll be watching you, loving you –  this Eagle’s song summarizes our bond and my love for you!




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