Father’s Day Gifting Ideas

With Fathers Day just around the corner came the sudden idea of indulging in some DIY at home with my daughter to make something special for Daddy. It’s always a task for a non-crafty person like me to tickle my thinking skills for something creative. However, we as a team, i.e. me and my daughter were leading in the enthusiasm department to make something nice for daddy. Thanks to our loving daughter Sarah, we have a day to acknowledge the most valuable person in our family, her father.

We thought of adding a bit of our personal element to our gifts this year. We didn’t only go for DIYs, so I have some ideas for moms like me, who barely pass in the creativity department!

First came up with a card which involved googled ideas but a lot of patience from my side as giving paints to a toddler even with supervised aid isn’t the best idea :/
However clumsy the outcome was they were much appreciated by daddy dearest as he’s well aware of how handicap I’m in such departments. He’s the winner when it comes to surprises, gifts, and creative ideas.


Framed Card with Handprints

Best Daddy Ever…Hands Down…Unquestionably

But hand printing is not our set game. We did this last year and learned it the hard way when this clumsy outcome was also in our 4-5th attempt. Getting handprints of my energy ball was no easy game so I settled for this and couldn’t use the same sheet, so very smartly cut out this and pasted on another bright background sheet.

Daddy and Baby Footprints

Following in Daddy’s shoes forever. Daddy’s forever darling..

It didn’t come very pretty but not bad for a non-crafty mommy’s first attempt.

Surprise meant we couldn’t tell daddy what we are up to so instead if his footprint we took his shoes and colouring the base took the print on a sheet. Next, we chose our baby’s shoes to print on top of it. Nothing stands clearer than black and I guess the combinations worked.

PS: A suggestion we used sports shoes and it didn’t look that great, I guess normal office wear formal shoe would have left a better print.

Tshirt Paint

I took a t-shirt of Sarah when she was a newborn. I had saved it because we were emotionally attached to it, and didn’t want to give it away. What better idea to save it than to paint it for Papa.  We used fabric paints in dark and bold colours to make them stand out.

Next, I have something for moms who can’t do DIY or don’t have the time to plan and execute!

Personalized T-shirts for kids

Pack your kid in a cute t-shirt that says Papa’s Favourite and send her/ him to your husband to spend the day with :D, kidding! Kids wearing a tee that says they love their Papa is such a sweet gesture. I got this cute tee from Zeezeezoo. The t-shirt is a great fit and comfortable cotton stretchable fabric, perfect for summers.

Essentials for men

Off late my love for natural products has been growing and the first thing we bought for Daddy was an essential kit for papa by Mamaearth, minus all the chemicals and loaded with all the natural goodness and love for him. The Power Papa Pack has 4 products specially formulated for men using toxin-free ingredients: Oil Control Facewash, After Shave Lotion, Beard and Hair Oil, and Energizing Shampoo and Bodywash. I’m excited to know how he’ll like them. Some pampering goodies for him!

Spa Voucher

This is something he doesn’t know about, and I hope he doesn’t read this blog for 2 more days 😀 Have bought him a coupon for a Swedish Spa (sounds fancy to me), and hopefully, that’ll be an experience he’ll never forget (no pun intended 😉 ). After all, it’s a decent spa I considered after taking reviews and suggestions from friends – Blue Terra Spa.

Still 2 days to go Mommy! Hurry up and plan a surprise for dearest Daddy, shower him with gifts and make him feel appreciated and pampered for the rock solid support he gives you! We love you Daddy yesterday, today, tomorrow & forever.