The experience of buying a family car

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Buying a car in India is a phenomenon. It not only involves a lot research and leg work but also multiple discussions at home. Preference, budget, expectation, safety, drive experience – all these words cross your mind when you decide to buy a new vehicle. We have recently bought a new car and the whole experience has been wonderful and full of excitement. The most excited for the new car though, was my 3-year-old daughter who has a huge crush on SUVs or “big-cars” as she likes to call them. is a great website to know everything about cars and compare them!

Since, I am fresh from being involved in the process of buying a new car, let me share some insights and steps that might come handy for you.

Prepare a budget:

You need to have an indicative budget or a range in mind, because it is very easy to get carried away with emotions. A mid/big sized vehicle can become expensive, but planning the budget, financing, payback terms etc help you to make a sound decision.


The house will always be divided on what you want from the vehicle. While the cosmetics of the car and the amount of technology it is carrying, will always guide the discussion, but certain things like space, safety, comfort should be amongst the top priority.

Space & Safety:

If kids are going to be frequent occupants of the vehicle you are buying, space and safety (apart from Style) are the two other ‘S’ factors that you should never compromise on. It’s always handy to carry some extra luggage!

Experience car before you buy:

When you are planning to buy a new one, there will be no shortage of advice. But trust me, you will know your car only once you sit in it and experience it. Never discount the touch and feel aspect of buying a car

The perfect family vehicle has to satiate expectation of more than a couple of people. It has to have something for everyone. My husband for instance wanted something with cruise control and with other automated features, I wanted something that guarantees safety and comfort and my daughter just wanted a big black car that plays her favorite poems and songs.