South Asia’s first ever Co Working & Co Play Space “Monkey Business” launched in Gurgaon

With summer vacations soon going to begin, it’s tough for us moms to keep them engaged in meaningful activities, keep them entertained and manage to finish our work for home and office. How about I tell you there exists a co-working space that not only provides a chair and desk, air conditioning and Wi-Fi but also provides world-class onsite Childcare facilities in Gurgaon. A first of its kind co-working space in South Asia that provides onsite childcare, Monkey Business is spread over 3000 sqft of area.

It is a haven where Young Parents can concentrate on work while their child plays and learns in the kid’s area. It also provides the option to the companies to hire seats for their women employees, especially new moms, here. The thoughtfully designed Play Zone includes a cozy nap area, a feeding and diaper changing room.

With a lot of pretend play toys and fun activities, it is sure to keep your child engaged while you work peacefully.

As Gagan Mathawan, the co-founder of Monkey Business puts it, “Monkey Business was designed from my family’s life experience. When we had our twins, my wife had to take a sabbatical from work because we did not want to leave our kids with nannies. This is how the idea of Monkey Business was formed.”

Monkey Business could start a new, progressive trend in co-working spaces and corporates that will support and empower returning moms.