The Ancient Beauty Natural Skincare Kit

Hello people,

Finding the right skincare products for all your issues isn’t easy, if you trust only natural products to do the job. I’m delighted to introduce 100% natural natural, ayurveda based products by The Ancient Beauty.

These products can really do wonders for your skin. They are inspired from various cultures and hundreds of ancient beauty recipes.

The kit I received claims to be perfect for dry skin type, and caters to all the skin care needs – from exfoliation to cleansing and moisturizing! The packs have very distinct fragrance of various spices amazing for the skin. Also, it came in the most beautiful package I’ve ever received, and some self-care tips!

The products in the kit were: The Ancient Japanese Scrub, The Ancient Face Wash, The Ancient Illuminator, The Ancient Dew, The Ancient Massage Powder, The Ancient Body Scrub

I have been using the products for one month now and tried all the products. It was a wonderful experience using these natural and unique mix of wonderful ingredients. I’ll share my feedback of individual products with you:

The Ancient Japanese Scrub –

It’s a grainy scrub that exfoliates skin wonderfully. It is supposed to be mixed in water, though I use milk for most of my face packs and scrubs since I have extremely dry skin. The scrub removes impurities, which is very evident in the post effect! I light moisturizer post scrubbing is always advisable, more so if you have dry skin.

The Ancient Face Wash –

I use it very regularly in the mornings, for a fresh and clean look. I have made it a part of my daily skincare routine. It cleanses well and doesn’t unnecessarily dry out the skin. I slightly rub it on my face and leave it for 5-10 mins. The face wash is slightly granular too and needs to be rubbed very lightly.

The Ancient Illuminator –

This is true to its name and brings instant glow. I have been using it before going for outings and got compliments 😉 The ingredients in this pack enhance the blood circulation under skin due to which the skin glows!

The Ancient Dew –

A face pack for deep cleansing. Use it with a few drops of oil (I prefer coconut oil or Vitamin E oil) for moisturizing treat to the skin!

The Ancient Massage Powder –

The favourite most of the pack, it’s a moisturizes with tiny, soft granules. I love to use it as a creamy moisturizing scrub to cleanse all the impurities as well as moisturizing the skin, making it soft and supple. Absolutely no need for a moisturizer post this blissfully smelling lotion. The fragrance of roses with rose petals calms the skin and the senses, a must have!

Ancient Satin Body Scrub –

Smells amazing with strong fragrance of coffee and cinnamon. It’s a wonderful body scrub. It’s use of face should be avoided, as it can be a bit harsh for sensitive skin, but exfoliates the dead skin from body very well and makes it shine!

Though, I felt all the packs are slightly granular, I love how effective they are, catering to all our skincare needs, and keeping up with the claims that they make! Go grab yours soon!



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