About Us

The Pink Dazzle is here to help you find the best suited products — skincare, makeup, hair and everything related to your lifestyle plus useful mommy tips and food recipes.

Our focus is to bring the best possible solutions as you juggle different roles, in creating your own style. Come, incorporate the organic lifestyle with us.

More About Us

Tripti wears many hats during a day. A Netflix buff, she is as artsy as they come. She is a painter, designer, cook and more, all rolled into one. In her own circles, people swear by her beauty tips.

Soumya is a mother of a gorgeous 2 year old girl. Loves cosmetics and cats alike. With a quirky sense of humor, you could find her sitting with her kindle complaining about oily food. A self-proclaimed baker too.

Living 12,000 kms apart, Soumya and Tripti’s partnership is literally “intercontinental” 😉 They share the love for travelling, but they are yet to take their trip together 😛