A home away from home – Klay Pre Schools and Day Care

I am a working mom. I have been working all through the pregnancy as well as since the maternity break came to an end. Thus I understand the importance of playschool & daycare in a mother’s and child’s life.

My family has been super supportive and always there for me, thus I did not need to put little S in daycare. But she did start going to playschool ever since she was 2.5 and I see the difference in her confidence, her personality, her overall development & the hobbies she has developed.

Visit to Klay Pre School

Recently I got a chance to visit Klay. I got an insider’s view and got to understand the nitty gritty of how playschools & daycares operate. I was stunned & impressed by the school & here is a list of few things I loved about them.

  • A home away from home – It is not just something they claim, but I witnessed how caring the teachers & attendants were towards the kids, just like any family member would be. The food was healthy & hygienic just like homemade food.
  • Safety first – Keeping in mind that the age group they are dealing with, safety anyways should be any daycare & playschool’s first & foremost priority. And that’s what it is for Klay as well. I noticed that all doors of classrooms were transparent go give a full view to anyone as to what’s happening inside. The premise is completely baby proof & all toys, furniture and equipment are carefully chosen to ensure they are safe for kids.
  • Building stronger values – We all are usually worried about not just the education but the values our kids will learn when they go to daycare & playschool. I realized that the way they have designed their curriculum and activities, it helps kids learn good values & ethics too. That’s a great relief for any parent.
  • World class teacher training –They have a teacher training program to help anyone who wants to get into field of education do with a world class training & curriculum. I can only imagine the level of their own in-house teachers when they are ensuring such level of training being imparted.
  • Inclusive education – In collaboration with London Learning Centre, they have established multidisciplinary therapy center for kids with different needs. It’s high time we start having an inclusive environment in schools & daycares for special needs children & Klay has walked the talk by this step of theirs.
  • Brain boosting activities – They have collaborated with external learning agencies such as Cue Math &SaPa to develop mathematical as well as performing aptitude in kids. Now that’s putting them up for an overall development, isn’t it? 

I was honestly very impressed with the playschool & daycare. I wish all institutions that handle kids of any age group followed such levels of safety & care for kids.