Nursing in Public made easier – Nursing Dress from Threads & Shuttles Review

Hey guys,

Being a new mother comes with many twists and turns in the name of responsibilities, health, hormonal changes, new roles, and of course, sleepless nights that never stop 😉 Amidst all this, breastfeeding is one of the most challenging roles. You go out to a mall after a long long time after you baby was born, and the baby feels hungry and demands to be breastfed. A new mother would either find a feeding room or a quiet corner and a stole to cover up. So much thought goes into covering up the breasts, because the number of stares she will get are innumerable.

Breastfeeding in public is still a taboo not just in India, but in many parts of the world. Covering up while feeding in public is a very normal instinct, no matter how uncomfortable a mother is. Also, this restricts the type of clothes most moms would wear. I could not wear dresses and suits while nursing. I only wore tops/ t-shirts with jeans, skirts and shorts. Until I discovered a very reasonable and trendy brand for nursing wear – Threads & Shuttles (T&S).

The brand Threads & Shuttles was started by Sapna Krishan, who was an instructional designer with IBM. Sitting idle after her baby was born, and realizing the need for nursing wear for NIP (nursing in public), she decided to launch T&S. They now have managed to add all kinds of nursing wear to their collection – short dresses, nursing covers, kurtis, tops etc.

Sapna also has her own blog which records the breastfeeding journeys of different mothers to motivate more of our kind across the world.

Thanks to T&S, I finally wore a dress after almost two years of breastfeeding my daughter. You can read my review of the dress here:


INR 1300 + shipping


Facebook page of Threads & Shuttles (Link)


It came in nicely packed with a ribbon wrapped around it…a perfect gift wrap.


The dress is a trendy design, with 2 discreet zippers on each side, for easy feeding. The zippers are covered with a flap, which makes it look like any other dress, and not just a nursing dress. With a fun bright print, I loved the color combination of bright pink and grey. A pure cotton dress, it is perfect for summers and absolutely comfortable.

 What works:

  • The material is soft cotton, comfortable for summers
  • The zippers are not noticeable and it doesn’t look like a nursing dress at all
  • The print is amazing with bright color and a catchy print
  • The zippers on either side make is very convenient to NIP (nursing in public). Even a new mom doesn’t need to hesitate to feed if she’s wearing this dress
  • It is a very affordable dress and solves double purpose of wearing a nice piece of clothing and nursing conveniently
  • The dress can easily be worn by non nursing mothers too. After all, it’s a cute dress 🙂

What doesn’t

  • The availability of the dress on any other website

My opinion about this product:

In my opinion, it is a must have apparel for a nursing mother, a lot more convenient than carrying a nursing stole, I feel. A wardrobe of a nursing mother mostly revolves around loose tshirts, front open tops, but a dress like this would be a nice addition. Also, it’s really value for money. A big thumbs up from my side for this!

Rating : 4.8/5