100 Things That Make Me Happy

So here I’m sharing my list of things that make me happy. There it goes!

  1. Waking up to a bright sunny day
  2. Listening to the sound of waves
  3. Collecting Wine
  4. Falling asleep on my partner’s arm
  5. Binge watching series on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon
  6. Getting massage and spa treatments
  7. Home decoration
  8. When I finish DIY projects
  9. Travelling to places
  10. Buying magnet stickers of places I visit
  11. Painting – Madhubani and abstract
  12. Taking a walk in a park or town
  13. Eating corn from cob
  14. Blowing bubbles
  15. The smell of rain on soil
  16. Wearing my husband’s clothes
  17. When restroom is clean
  18. The smell of freshly washed clothes
  19. When cotton pajama pant fits perfectly
  20. The view from the top
  21. Having peanuts with salt on a lazy afternoon
  22. Look of clean carpet after I vacuum
  23. Super detailed happy dreams
  24. Playing Board Games
  25. Seeing that I lost weight on scale
  26. Making list of groceries
  27. When I feel hydrated
  28. Watching manga cartoon series with my husband – Naruto, The Last Airbender, Dragon Ball, One Piece
  29. Watching him eat 
  30. When he cooks for me
  31. Iced tea on a hot day
  32. Following Avengers and Star Wars Series
  33. Reading comics
  34. When I do things that feels like I’m honoring my family traditions
  35. Shopping at flea market
  36. Picking fruits/vegetables/flowers directly from trees/plants/bushes into a basket
  37. Swimming pool filled with flower petals
  38. A long warm bath with scented bath salts
  39. Aroma of burning scented candles and oils
  40. Picking pine cones off the ground and using it for decorative purposes
  41. Buying lipsticks of all shades
  42. Shopping of cloth/accessory/makeup/shoes/bags…
  43. Catching a rainbow
  44. Collecting corks
  45. Enthusiasm and excitement of Friday evenings
  46. Clear night sky with shining stars and moon
  47. Freshly baked cake
  48. Smell of coffee
  49. Eating fruits
  50. Eating homemade gajar ka halwa and cholle-bhature
  51. Drink freshly squeezed fruit juice
  52. Warm tomato soup
  53. Freshly baked scones and bagels
  54. Smell of baked goods
  55. Feel of sand and warm water on my bare feet
  56. Collecting stones and shells
  57. Dawn and Dusk – it’s always breathtaking
  58. Holding hands of my loved ones
  59. Watching butterfly sitting on flowers on a warm day
  60. Sitting on porch observing life
  61. Potato chips
  62. Marriage shopping list
  63. Baby clothes and shoes
  64. Cute floral dresses
  65. Planning surprises
  66. Spring and Fall – such splash of colors
  67. Blasting music at home and car when alone
  68. Finishing a good novel/book
  69. Taking a nap on sofa while watching TV
  70. Perfect hair/skin day
  71. Trimming plants
  72. Clean sink and dishware
  73. Sipping tea – black, green , herb infused
  74. Feeling pretty after manicure and pedicure
  75. Writing with a gel pen
  76. Going to the theatre
  77. Freshly grown garden herbs
  78. Doing something adventurous, like canoeing, hiking, camping
  79. Eating simple “typical” food
  80. Doll up in traditional wear and jewelry
  81. Birds chirping and singing
  82. Opening presents
  83. Finding money in pocket
  84. Warm apple cider
  85. Friends’ company with a lit fireplace exchanging stories
  86. Laughing at inside jokes
  87. Finding a good parking spot
  88. Going  for late night drives looking for hot coffee, cake and ice cream
  89. Getting compliments from strangers
  90. Buying game CDs for my husband
  91. Watching my niece eating noodles
  92. Getting comments on my blog
  93. My birth date
  94. Cooking nutritious and healthy food
  95. Taking photographs of nature and selfie
  96. Gossiping with my sister, mom, friends and aunts about everything
  97. Sunrays filtering through clouds
  98. Ambience of Universal Studio
  99. Sitting close to my hubby
  100. Doing local shopping at tourist destination and buying souvenirs 

Here’s my list guys. Make yours and have fun.